" Believe and Act...©: Over-Patriotic?

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


"Before Iraq, it seemed to me that some US news broadcasters wrapped themselves in the flag and, as a consequence, did not perform the role the public expects of them," said Richard Sambrook, director of the BBC's global news division. BBC News, Oct 28th.

This is just one of the many speculations around the world, (and inter-American as well) regarding the Americans' way of defending our country and "coming together"...being [overly] patriotic. Is this just a facade that we can timidly hide behind and make excuses...."Oh, well Bush is patriotic and loves the American flag, so everything is ok." There is no answer to this; or a true line that decides where patriotism becomes negative.
London is critisizing the American media systems inparticular. This is how everyone else sees us broadcasting; spreading our patriotism all over the Iraqi soil and broadcasting how much we love our country in times like this.
I found this letter on a American Patriotic forum; it's alittle disturbing on how anti-Bush Americans are known as "Anti-freedom" or just plain "Anti-Americans." I beg to differ.


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