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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Letter from the Foundation for a Patriotic America

From the desk of the new FPATAPFAGA ( Foundation For A Patriotic America Think-Tank For American Policy And Furthering Of The American Global Agenda)

Dear President George W. Bush And/Or Someone Of Higher Status Within The Bush Administration:

The overall trend of thought emanating from liberal leftists in America has always been one of negativity and pacifistic patheticism. Since September 11th, that pathetically pacifist mindset has skyrocketed to horrificly sky-high levels, plateaus which haven't been reached since the scourge of Communism (which, tellingly, was defeated by a non-liberal, Ronald Reagan). The left of America continue to criticize the Bush administration, say mean things about Republicans, and even go as far as to call President Bush outright nasty names ("Chimp", "Dumbya", "Shrub", "Commander-In-Thief", "Smirk", "Pretzel Boy", "The Global Village Idiot", "Chimpy McCokespoon", "Whistleass", "AWOL", and "Commander Bunnypants", are just a few that have popped up in our research).

Such vile anti-freedomism must be halted. Because any so-called failures of President Bush's campaign in Iraq can be traced solely back to the unintelligent intelligence of Clinton-appointed (and therefore Bush-hater) George Tenet, Bush desperately requires consolation, compassion and encouragement from his fellow American subjects--not the putdowns and pure undeserved hatred he is currently receiving from the heavily-liberal media and the Bush-bashing population it so greatly brainwashes.

These Bush-bashers, also known as leftists, liberals, anti-American, and terrorist-sympathizers, know not what they speak, and only serve to advance the agenda of the sensationalist, anti-Republican media which chooses only to highlight negative aspects of the Iraq war. These Bush-bashers not only bash Bush, but criticize, lie, and outright demonize the freedom-fighting heroes of the Republican Party.

Such madness must no longer be tolerated. President Bush and the patriots in his administration must take the necessary steps to ensure that America remains free, democratic (the ideal, not the useless Party), and completely loyal and subservient to the ideology of the one entity that knows what's good for it--President Bush and the neo-conservative modern-day geniuses that pull his strings......

The letter goes on and on to continue talking about the crazy "lefties." Is positivity what we need? Thoughts?


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