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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

This weekend I attended the Western Regional Outdoor Leadership Conference (WROLC) at UCSD. One of the speakers at this collegate conference was the world renowned alpine, rock and ice climber; Jeff Lowe. He has been climbing for over 45 years and has been a legacy for being the first to finish dozens of climbs around the world. He is a father and husband, an innovative entreprenuer, an environmental advocist, a world traveler, as well as a climber. Jeff was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and has changed him mentally and physically. For someone who has challenged himself to the physical limits to have to be challenged with something as simple as walking around is a complete switch. He has to have a different outlook and appreciation for everything around him and he has such a wonderful attitude about it realizing that he has to eventually accept that he won't be able to climb again... Posted by Hello


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