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Monday, November 08, 2004

Americans leaving home??

In recent speculation around the world, people are making speculations about what Americans are going to do next.--post- election. Due to how close the election was once again, many Americans believe that they are not being represented and are not standing behind this nation (myself included). In a recent article from BBC news, the Brits are wondering how serious the anti-Bush Americans are going to be in thier threats. We have all joked around about leaving the country; 'fleeing to Canada or Mexico' but are there any of us that are serious?? There have been many Americans that Brits have interviewed or heard that want to move to Ireland or England...will they follow through with it?? The day after election, Canadian Immigration website had a recorded number of 179,000 hits, and 64% of these could be traced back to American visiters. There is another Canadian website that jokes that Canadians should marry an American since now that George Bush has been reelected, there are tons of available Americans who want to get out of the country. The headline of the site reads: "single, sexy American liberals, already a threatened species- will be desperate to escape." This may be a joke, but it also proves that the Canadians are aware of us liberals threatening to deny the US as our country...will any of this really happen?? ...If only I was the gutsy...


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