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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Kenya: AIDS texting

The HIV/AIDS epedimic in Africa is far from over, but the negative stigma of not being able to even talk about it is starting to change. Africans want to be able to be comfortable to ask any questions about AIDS. A cell phone company out of Kenya has started to join the battle, and offers text messaging that you can ask HIV/AIDS questions and get immediate responses. This is combining technology with health and information and is a convienient, easy way to be able to better understand this virus that so many Kenyans deal with. I think it is an innovative idea and hopefully will educate people and prove to be a good tool.

Santa Clause--"he knows if you've been bad or good...so be good for goodness sake!"

In a recent study in London, psychiatrists claim that believing in Santa Clause is very good for children because it teaches them what is right vs wrong and gives them an incentive to be good. Parents should encourage the myth of Santa for as long as a child will believe, because there is proof that children are somewhat better behaved and more aware of when they have done something bad. "Teaching children about Santa is a useful ace up a parents' sleeve as it encourages thier moral development as they believe he knows which children are good or bad," Dr. Breen, a psychiatrist from a children's hospital in Liverpool claims. So parents, keep the spirit of Christmas and Santa alive and keep your children on the right track!

Bubble Tea--Fad or Fabulous?

The espresso industry generates billions of dollars in revenue a year in the United States. It has slowly become part of the American culture. As everyone overconsumes and the espresso industry starts to expand, the bubble is bursting on the espresso industry... Could the answer be a drink from Asian culture. Bubble Tea. Bubble Tea is a blended iced tea drink that can be a variety of flavors. The special ingredient to this smoothie is what makes it completely different--tapioca balls at the bottom.
These tea shops have popped up around California, Hawaii, and now Oregon as well. Can this product remain successful after the "fad" is over? I know that I want to try it just for the experience, but that doesn't mean that I will substitute my coffee and tea for Bubble tea...that would have to take a "fabulous" product--not just another fad. I think that Bubble Tea shops should be trendy and fun, but also comfortable and practical like coffee shops so people will come and stay and be committed to being customers. Only time will tell with the success of Bubble Tea--I'm alittle skeptical but I also think that there should be a new product to compete with the coffee industry.

Stress during finals....is it worth it? I can never seem to find enough motivation to not procrastinate. Doing things at the last minute not only increases your stress level, decreases sleep, and increases moodiness...it's overall negative to your health and immunity....I feel myself getting more worn down over the last couple days. Finals are next week here at Pacific University. Good luck surviving everyone!! Posted by Hello

Monday, November 29, 2004


I have been interested lately in how to get more traffic for my blog. I think that I could definately be more motivated to post if I knew I had a listening audience. I searched different search engines and found a couple exciting results. In Google, I was on page 3 # 29 out of 11,500,000 and #1 on Yahoo out of 16,900,000. I searched with the words "believe and act" so I don 't know if that is a valid search that would be useful or not. At least my page is displayed and is not completely lost in the billions of websites. I would like to have my blog come up under searches of other words, and so I will work on it.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

StartSmart non-profit

StartSmart is a nonprofit organization assisting with entrepreneurship and the value of independent businesses. StartSmart is based out of Portland, Maine and is fulfilling a group of potential business owners who may have great ideas but have a very low chance of getting trusted and financed--immigrants. StartSmart offers entrepreneurship classes, one-on-one business coaching, start-up loans, and help with the overall plan for immigrants who have come to America.
I think this is an amazing organization. These people have a hard time working and living in the US and often have little to no income. This fact, along with language barriors and the fact that they are not native US citizens makes it impossible to gain funding, recognition and support. I think that by StartSmart believing in unique, cultural ideas will help to diversify markets and create new products.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Rate my blog!

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**http://www.buckminster.info/Pics/Earth-BlueMarble.jpg There is only one planet...how much of it do you take up in your daily life?  Posted by Hello


How much space do you individually take up to live your lifestyle?? How feasible is this to the earth's resources? I challenge each of you to take these ecofootprint questionares from Redefining Progress and Best Foot Forward.
These calculators are based on studies of environmental impact and the earth's capacity. The US definately over-consumes on all levels...let's see how it all adds up. Usually the outcomes will shock you.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

This weekend I attended the Western Regional Outdoor Leadership Conference (WROLC) at UCSD. One of the speakers at this collegate conference was the world renowned alpine, rock and ice climber; Jeff Lowe. He has been climbing for over 45 years and has been a legacy for being the first to finish dozens of climbs around the world. He is a father and husband, an innovative entreprenuer, an environmental advocist, a world traveler, as well as a climber. Jeff was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and has changed him mentally and physically. For someone who has challenged himself to the physical limits to have to be challenged with something as simple as walking around is a complete switch. He has to have a different outlook and appreciation for everything around him and he has such a wonderful attitude about it realizing that he has to eventually accept that he won't be able to climb again... Posted by Hello

Climbing video

Watch this funny flash video from the Patagonia website about the "biased" history of big wall climbing. Posted by Hello

*http://otc.saonet.ucla.edu/images/title.jpg Internet technology is continuing to integrate systems and communication.  Posted by Hello

Internet trends

In a recent Forbe's article, the top 6 innovative internet trensetters were profiled. The topics included voice over the internet (Cathy Martine), online gaming (Mike Cassidy), mobile tv (Blake Krikorian), embedded networks (Robert Poor), thoughtful gadgets (Patrick Whitney), and broadband wireless (Rajiv Laroia). These people have innovated the internet and sent it in new directions. All of these inventitions seem to have one thing in common and strive to meet the same overall goal; to interconnect people and programs.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


"Before Iraq, it seemed to me that some US news broadcasters wrapped themselves in the flag and, as a consequence, did not perform the role the public expects of them," said Richard Sambrook, director of the BBC's global news division. BBC News, Oct 28th.

This is just one of the many speculations around the world, (and inter-American as well) regarding the Americans' way of defending our country and "coming together"...being [overly] patriotic. Is this just a facade that we can timidly hide behind and make excuses...."Oh, well Bush is patriotic and loves the American flag, so everything is ok." There is no answer to this; or a true line that decides where patriotism becomes negative.
London is critisizing the American media systems inparticular. This is how everyone else sees us broadcasting; spreading our patriotism all over the Iraqi soil and broadcasting how much we love our country in times like this.
I found this letter on a American Patriotic forum; it's alittle disturbing on how anti-Bush Americans are known as "Anti-freedom" or just plain "Anti-Americans." I beg to differ.

Letter from the Foundation for a Patriotic America

From the desk of the new FPATAPFAGA ( Foundation For A Patriotic America Think-Tank For American Policy And Furthering Of The American Global Agenda)

Dear President George W. Bush And/Or Someone Of Higher Status Within The Bush Administration:

The overall trend of thought emanating from liberal leftists in America has always been one of negativity and pacifistic patheticism. Since September 11th, that pathetically pacifist mindset has skyrocketed to horrificly sky-high levels, plateaus which haven't been reached since the scourge of Communism (which, tellingly, was defeated by a non-liberal, Ronald Reagan). The left of America continue to criticize the Bush administration, say mean things about Republicans, and even go as far as to call President Bush outright nasty names ("Chimp", "Dumbya", "Shrub", "Commander-In-Thief", "Smirk", "Pretzel Boy", "The Global Village Idiot", "Chimpy McCokespoon", "Whistleass", "AWOL", and "Commander Bunnypants", are just a few that have popped up in our research).

Such vile anti-freedomism must be halted. Because any so-called failures of President Bush's campaign in Iraq can be traced solely back to the unintelligent intelligence of Clinton-appointed (and therefore Bush-hater) George Tenet, Bush desperately requires consolation, compassion and encouragement from his fellow American subjects--not the putdowns and pure undeserved hatred he is currently receiving from the heavily-liberal media and the Bush-bashing population it so greatly brainwashes.

These Bush-bashers, also known as leftists, liberals, anti-American, and terrorist-sympathizers, know not what they speak, and only serve to advance the agenda of the sensationalist, anti-Republican media which chooses only to highlight negative aspects of the Iraq war. These Bush-bashers not only bash Bush, but criticize, lie, and outright demonize the freedom-fighting heroes of the Republican Party.

Such madness must no longer be tolerated. President Bush and the patriots in his administration must take the necessary steps to ensure that America remains free, democratic (the ideal, not the useless Party), and completely loyal and subservient to the ideology of the one entity that knows what's good for it--President Bush and the neo-conservative modern-day geniuses that pull his strings......

The letter goes on and on to continue talking about the crazy "lefties." Is positivity what we need? Thoughts?

Monday, November 08, 2004

Americans leaving home??

In recent speculation around the world, people are making speculations about what Americans are going to do next.--post- election. Due to how close the election was once again, many Americans believe that they are not being represented and are not standing behind this nation (myself included). In a recent article from BBC news, the Brits are wondering how serious the anti-Bush Americans are going to be in thier threats. We have all joked around about leaving the country; 'fleeing to Canada or Mexico' but are there any of us that are serious?? There have been many Americans that Brits have interviewed or heard that want to move to Ireland or England...will they follow through with it?? The day after election, Canadian Immigration website had a recorded number of 179,000 hits, and 64% of these could be traced back to American visiters. There is another Canadian website that jokes that Canadians should marry an American since now that George Bush has been reelected, there are tons of available Americans who want to get out of the country. The headline of the site reads: "single, sexy American liberals, already a threatened species- will be desperate to escape." This may be a joke, but it also proves that the Canadians are aware of us liberals threatening to deny the US as our country...will any of this really happen?? ...If only I was the gutsy...

Chocolate price increase?

Due to current conflict on the Ivory Coast, the cost of cocoa has greatly increased recently. Cocoa trading is a huge industry for the Ivory Coast around the world. In New York trading, prices have dramatically gone up by 11%. The Ivory Coast is divided North and South and has been in war for 2 years by rebels. If this keeps up, the US could be greatly effected and the price of chocolate will soar. Would you still buy chocolate if it was twice as much? I know that some people would believe it was still worth it, but it seems like the prices would detur many consumers.

Truely Wireless Internet....

There is a new idea in the world of WiFi that is just around the corner!! WiMAX is a new idea that would make it possible to have your personal laptop be online as soon as you turn it on-- no matter where you are! This would be truely unlimited, wireless, high speed internet!! The company is trying to do this and make it affordable for the average consumer. The success of WiMAX will appeal to a wide customer base of corporate execs, entreprenuers, students, professors/teachers, and many, many other professions. The obstacle that this has is based on only one thing: PRICE! It will eventually revolutionize internet availability and I think that many people would be extatic about it.